Chepstow Street Pastors


The following training sessions are necessary to equip Street Pastors for the job:

  • Roles and Responsibilities (this is run by the Ascension Trust and is mandatory for all our Street and Rainbow Pastors)
  • Basic First Aid
  • Police – to understand the structure of the local Police Force
  • Listening Skills – how do we listen, what do we hear, what should we say, what should we not say
  • Sociology – cultural differences and perceptions, how they can cloud our judgement
  • Youth Culture – peer pressure, social networks, technology changes
  • Substance Abuse – including alcohol abuse
  • Mental Health – what is “normal”, is there any such thing as “normal”, challenging differing perspectives

If other training needs arise we will arrange further courses.

All Street Pastors are required to attend the Refresher Course.

Training in 2014:

  • Training by DVD films of previous courses will be run as required for new recruits

Other Street Pastor groups are invited to join us – please contact or Co-ordinator Verena Evans.

Email: or phone 07703 360021