Chepstow Street Pastors

About Us

Co-ordinator: Verena Evans           Mobile: 07703 360021          Email:
30 Chepstow Street Pastors were commissioned on Friday 4th December 2010. We started patrols the following weekend in time to cover the Christmas parties in the town’s pubs,  restaurants and night club. The weather was very cold with snow and ice and night temperatures down to -10C.

December 2011 – we celebrated our first year on the streets of Chepstow – our guest speaker was Revd Les Isaac, the founder of Street Pastors. Click on the link to see 11 minutes of video footage from the evening, kindly filmed for us by Mon TV:

January 2014 – we are still out there! Fewer of us now. Giving out flip-flops, foil space blankets, drinks of water, sweeties and TLC.

Making a difference…..maybe to only a few people each night but they are very thankful we are there……those we put plasters on call us “Street Plasters”…….we are a constant supply of sweeties, tissues and wet-wipes……

In at the deep end for us all… learning lessons every week… still enjoying it all…

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